Little known and virtually unexplored, Chad is an extraordinary place and this journey will resonate with you on so many levels - from travel through to conservation.

Chad is a large country. It is 317.3 million acres making it the 7th biggest country in Africa. Chad may not be the first location that springs to mind for a safari, but the wild experiences this remote and relatively untouched destination offers are unparalleled. The nomads en-route are a sight to behold, animals are seen on mass and the landscapes breathtaking.

Set in the heart of Africa it has been plagued by political strife and national security issues for years but is now celebrating a major conservation success story: Zakouma National Park. Chad’s government pledged to protect the flora and fauna of this stunning area with the help of African Parks.

N’Djamena is the capital and largest city in Chad. There are few traditional tourist sights, but the markets are amazing and the people incredibly friendly. Beyond the capital and deep into the Sahara ar Ennedi there is a vast collection of sandstone mountains sculpted by the wind and sand over millennia into stunning rock formations.

A land of spaces and silence occasionally interrupted by the procession of camel caravans traversing the sands. A magical region.

Here you enter the land of the nomadic and secretive Toubou (rock people), one of Africa's most traditional, and least known tribes who live in the Tibesti Mountains, a range of inactive volcanoes. Lake Chad holds the largest body of water in the Sahara and is a magnet for the nomadic Bororo shepherds after the rains. With over 120 languages spoken the nomadic tribes themselves are a worthwhile reason to visit Chad.

From arriving by light aircraft and seeing wildlife as you travel, to fly camping next to a waterhole and witnessing hundreds of bird species, you will enjoy intimate wildlife encounters throughout. A journey for the intrepid safari enthusiast.

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