"Leaders in the field"

"Today, the best safari guides are highly efficient and deeply knowledgeable; on a present day safari they share the fruits of decades of observation and research so that their guests come to love and respect nature in the same way as they do”

– Miles Bredin, "Seventy Years of Safari, 1946-2016", 2016

There are many ingredients that make up the perfect African safari. But there is one factor that separates a truly exceptional safari from all others: the presence of a dependable, knowledgeable and resourceful guide.

When you come on safari with Ker & Downey, you become part of the most experienced and trusted family in the safari business – a family with a guiding lineage that dates back to the dawn of the safari era.

Our guides are all natural leaders in the field, who have been taking people on safari all their adult lives. In many cases, they grew up in rural Africa, learning their bushcraft and tracking skills from their fathers and grandfathers and their guides – men who were, even back then, legends in the trade.

In the following biographies, you will read about the guides who have defined – and continue to define – the African safari experience. They are wildlife experts, cultural aficionados, conservationists, survivalists, sportsmen, artists and raconteurs. They have helped to establish some of the continent’s most successful wildlife conservancies and conservation projects – projects that hold the key to the survival of some of the world’s most endangered species. They have also helped to establish ground-breaking community programmes, which are providing vital education, health, water and other infrastructure to some of Africa’s most marginalised peoples.

They are guides to the continent’s past and present, who in a very real sense hold one of the main keys to its future.



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