Luxury Camps

"Luxurious Diversions"

"The gladdest moment in human life is the departure on a distant journey into unknown lands.”

– Sir Richard Francis Burton

While camp is moving to its next destination, we often use beautiful boutique lodges or ‘bush homes’ as stepping stones on our safaris. Most of these properties are built on privately owned ranches or conservancies, which allow us to enjoy some incredible game-viewing on horseback, camels, mountain bikes, quad-bikes, or on longer walking safaris – in magical areas that rarely have other visitors.

As most lodges are small, we usually take them over completely, which means that we have their facilities to ourselves. Most properties have swimming pools, while many also have a tennis court, a gym, or a spa with qualified therapists.

On the Indian Ocean coast, our guides have access to a number of charming family villas, which are all run by long-term staff and come with their own watersports facilities and access to professional scuba diving and fishing.

Private bush properties also offer a uniquely authentic opportunity to visit indigenous communities who are leading lives little changed from their ancestors’. Erudite elders and brash young warriors will take you on tours of their 'manyattas' and cattle 'bomas', where you can learn about their age-old customs and rites of passage, the incredible symbiosis that binds them to their livestock, and the wild foods and water divining that sustain some of the hardiest people on Earth.


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