"What they're all saying"

"Today, the best safari guides are highly efficient and deeply knowledgeable; on a present day safari they share the fruits of decades of observation and research so that their guests come to love and respect nature in the same way as they do”

– Miles Bredin, Seventy Years of Safari, 1946-2016

"Guides can make or break a trip of a lifetime…. don’t gamble with your vacation experience; for the best luxury guided safari choose Ker and Downey.

We just returned home from a family safari with Ker and Downey guide Sean Dundas in Amboseli, Masai Mara, and Lake Turkana. The trip was the best we have ever experienced as it exceeded our high expectations. It is obvious why film companies, actors, and successful travellers chose this stunning location and the guides of Ker and Downey."

Rusty Robinson

“We need another word than ‘thank you’ to properly express our gratitude for all you have done for us. From the smallest kindness to the biggest surprises and adventures in and out of camp, the crew that Tim has put together is awesome, quietly anticipating our every need…”

Bonnie and Charlie Pratt

“The best memory we will take away is the camaraderie we all shared with your wonderful team. Sam and Paolo brought so much to the group with their knowledge of wildlife, their enthusiasm and sense of fun – not to mention their patience with little pre-teen girls!”

Tobey and John Taylor

“It was a trip our family will never forget. Your dedication, knowledge and excellent attitudes truly made the difference… When I asked the kids what they liked the most, their top answer was ‘the friendship we made with James, Abigail and Paolo’. Thank you for sharing so much with us!”

Juan Segura

"I can’t imagine – from beginning to end – one detail overlooked. I feel we have made special new friends, as well as a lifetime of memories.”

Norma and Kimo Carney

“Sam introduced us to so many warm and interesting Kenyans, who shared their love for the country with us. His love for Kenya, its people and wildlife comes through in all that he does, and made our safari truly amazing and memorable!”

Lanna McCarthy

“The elephant in Samburu were thrilling; the leopards in the Mara were spell-binding as were the giraffes floating along the sunset – but you Derek were the real reason we had so much fun. Thank you for being so generous and so nice to us.”

Washington, DC

“We camped in an exclusive game area, with a camp crew of twelve who laughed and sang all day… We were hosted in the finest style imaginable – hot showers, iced sundowners, amazing meals and super-comfortable enormous tents. It hardly felt like camping. When we left, the crew broke camp and moved it to the next location. The bush was left exactly as it had been before”

Sandy and Chuck Drimal

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