Seventy Years of Photographic Safaris
Ker & Downey Safaris


To get to the more remote bush sites that offer the best wildlife viewing, you usually need to spend some time in a specially adapted safari vehicle. Ever since our founders put the first set of coil springs in one of their cars, or installed a battery-operated fridge for cold drinks, Ker & Downey’s custom-built vehicles have been leaders in taking luxury on the road.

Our guides have a strict policy of never seating more than four guests to a vehicle, to optimise individual comfort and ensure unobstructed views through each window. Most of our vehicles are Land Rovers or Toyota LandCruisers, and all are equipped with large roof hatches, camera-charging sockets, and those all-important fridges. Each vehicle is driven by a highly trained guide who will stay with you throughout your safari – not only to show you the country but to promote conversations with local people, and explain everything from politics to parrots!

​Most of the air charter companies we use operate Cessna 208s or 206s, depending on the size of your group. These are all comfortable, highly maintained aircraft, flown by some of the most experienced bush pilots in the world. Flying between destinations also gives us a great opportunity to see the forests and plains – and often, some magnificent wildlife spectacles – from above.

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