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Max Melesi

Max Melesi

Intimately acquainted with the wild from an early age, Max’s journey began in
the heart of the Safari industry. As the son of Tim Melesi, a prominent figure in
the Ker & Downey Safari Company, Max's first brush with safari adventure
came before his first birthday. Growing up, his school holidays were
synonymous with traversing the East African landscapes, aaccompanying his
father on safari’s througout east Africa.

Max's passion for these lands blossomed. Graduating from school, he carved his
path by establishing a Kitesurfing school along the Kenyan coast, a testament to
his affinity for both adventure and the allure of the ocean. He then moved into
the Safari industry, managing several high-end boutique lodges, gaining
knowledge in hospitality and high end tourism. But what he was most drawn to
was being out there, in remote wild places, and therefore became a full-time
safari guide.

Max's insatiable curiosity led him to the realms of film and music production,
where he honed his craft and creativity. A gifted photographer and
videographer, his lens captures not just moments, but emotions and stories.
Whilst on safari, Max’s knowledge and experience behind the camera is always
a fantastic addition for any guests who are keen photographers.

For the past eight years, Max has guided safari enthusiasts through the heart of
East Africa. His intimate knowledge of the regions landscapes, wildlife, and
cultures serves as the foundation for unforgettable journeys. With a deep-seated
respect for nature and a commitment to immersive experiences, Max crafts each
safari as a narrative of discovery and appreciation.

Max Melesi

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