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Max Melesi

Max Melesi

Growing up on safari with Tim Melesi as his father, a senior partner of The Original Ker & Downey Safaris, Max developed knowledge and passion for wildlife, wilderness and respect for diverse ethnic groups. He has guided on many safaris with both his father and other guides in Ker & Downey, not to mention managing several safari camps in Kenya.

After finishing school in Kenya, Max spent time in Cape Town studying photography and filmmaking and has produced a number of short films reflecting his expertise, flair and attention to detail. Max is always happy to share his skills to help his guests achieve the best possible images. In his free time, Max will often be found heading back out into the bush to photograph elephants, for whom he has a deep love and respect. He also spends time on the ocean kite surfing and in the kitchen cooking up a feast.

His enthusiasm and knowledge, along with his affinity with people from all walks of life, make Max a welcome addition to any safari.

Max Melesi

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