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Sandor Carter

Sandor Carter

Sandor has spent almost 30 years exploring Africa and is recognised as a pioneer in transcontinental guiding. He has earned a reputation as a multi-country specialist who is sought after to lead highly personal safaris into the most remote and wildlife-rich areas of Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Chad and Madagascar to name some of the twenty-five countries he currently guides in. With 70% of his guests making return journeys he maintains that the key is listening and connecting the dots, be that family adventures, expeditions, conservation travel or ideally a combination.

Following seven years in the British Army, Sandor spent the next seven as a guide and mahout for Africa’s first elephant-back safari company in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, developing a deep understanding of and passion for elephants. He then swapped elephants in the Okavango for chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains and began what is an ongoing fascination with great ape behaviour and human evolution, that takes him to the gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo on an annual basis. His journey continued to the vast Selous Game Reserve, where for two years he led walking safaris in Africa’s largest protected wilderness.

He and his team specialise in deeply immersive wilderness adventures – peeling away nature’s many layers to unearth the true essence of safari. Sandor’s expertise lies in an in-depth knowledge of the continent (he has driven from the Cape to Cairo and back), precision planning, and a passion for showing guests the wonder of life on safari. “Going on safari should be a journey of continuous discovery, where you move from viewer to participant,” he explains. “Exhilarating, inspiring and fun, this is what going on safari is all about. From your first elephant sighting to tracking lions on foot, trekking to see gorillas, crossing deserts, climbing mountains and meeting people, Africa is so diverse that you can never run out of extraordinary experiences and, like all good things, they are often better when shared.”

Sandor Carter

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