Explore the emerald green forests and pristine beaches of Africa’s Eden, where the only footprints in the sand are from elephants, gorillas, and hippos…

A nation of only a tiny human population, Gabon has an identity among the most secure countries in Africa. Attaining independence in 1960 from the French, Gabon has remained the envy of its neighboring countries with the 3rd highest yearly revenue per individual on the entire African continent. Cosmopolitan Libreville (the capital) is ranking as one of the world's most expensive cities. With a 3rd of its gross domestic product (GDP) obtained from oil, Gabon has recently realized that it actually offers more to the world. The president His Excellency Omar Bongo, has created 13 national parks in Gabon that comprise more than 11.25% of its area - the second-highest proportion of national parklands in the world.

Gabon’s appeal as a safari destination is outstanding: it borders the Atlantic Ocean while its inland regions are 80% forested. The variety of wildlife is exceptional. Mandrill, forest elephants, lowland gorillas, plus chimpanzee populate the thick interior of the

forests, while hippos, whales as well as turtles can be seen along the coastline. There are countless cascading falls, sometimes falls are even 1 kilometer wide.

With a large amount of rainforest in Gabon, there are obviously a huge number of birds. With over 670 different species identified in the country, some endemic or regionally endemic, tourism in Gabon is still taking off and so visitors have been known to make significant discoveries surprisingly often.

Nowhere else in the world can you see hippos in the surf and elephants wandering the seemingly endless shoreline, even whilst fishing the nearshore waters for tarpon.

But, that’s not all! Gabon also has a vibrant cultural scene, with diverse ethnic groups, tasty dishes, and a vibrant music scene. This is Africa untamed and an exceptional wildlife destination for intrepid explorers.

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