Seventy Years of Photographic Safaris
Ker & Downey Safaris


From the unparalleled wildlife spectacles of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti, to the gorilla-ruled mountains of central Africa, the soul-stirring deserts of Sudan and northern Kenya, to the lifegiving waterways of the Okavango Delta, Ker & Downey’s guides know Africa better than anyone – and are better placed to take you there in greater comfort, safety and style.

These regions encompass a huge diversity of wildlife, flora, geology and culture, and understanding the interplay of these natural forces is critical to the success of your safari. Most of the larger game follows seasonal migration routes, which our guides have been travelling and studying for years. As well as keeping in touch with rangers and conservationists on the ground, we keep close tabs on local rainfall patterns and other factors that can influence these mass wildlife movements.

Because K&D safaris carry everything with us, we can follow the great migrations discreetly in our vehicles, and pitch our camps in the heart of the action. Our uniquely luxurious camps enable us to spend days at busy waterholes and saltlicks, soaking up the intricacies of these wild meeting-places – without ever disturbing the land. Camping in private conservancies and community trust lands also ensures that we are usually the only visitors for hundreds of miles – giving us a uniquely personal perspective of these incredible wilderness areas.

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